Sunday, April 23, 2017

March 6, 2017

We had a great week here in the mission! This Saturday we had two baptisms! One was of the man we have been teaching that is in a wheel chair (Adolfo). It was a really interesting story with him haha. His wife doesn't want him to get baptized.... He really wants too and has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday. The day of his baptism we went to pick him up and he had his towel and his underwear all ready. His wife answered the door and said ´´Whats this that you guys are going to do?¨ We said we are going to the church for a baptism. She was then like, My husband has already told me he doesn't want to be baptized. We were like, Ok well can we talk to him? We went in and asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said no, but as he said no he was smiling and nodding his head yes. His wife was like, So if you don't want to get baptized why do you want to go with them with a towel and stuff? He then replied, I am going swimming!!! HAHAHAH It was the funniest thing ever! We decided that we wouldn't baptize someone if they weren't going to say they were gonna get baptized. So we left and went to the church in a taxi and got ready for the Hermana Martha Alicia. Once we got to the church we decided we needed to go back and get Adolfo. We took a taxi back and got to his house and we saw him outside alone. We asked him if he wanted to get baptized and he said yes because his wife wasn't there. He said it in front of his daughters and they were fine with it so we decided that it was alright.
His baptism was pretty funny. Me and my companion both baptized him. We carried him into the water and I had to hold him myself while my companion said the prayer. After he said he could change himself... After he came out he had his pants shirt and sweater all on backwards hahaha! It was a funny day! I baptized the Hermana Martha Alicia. It went really well. On Sunday we went to take Adolfo to church and right as we walked up he was coming out the front door and his driveway is pretty steep and bumpy and the way he comes out is just rolling down. So right as we walk up we see some old man in a wheel chair come flying out of his door and bouncing into the street hahah! It was the funniest sight ever! Was a good week all in all and hope everyone else had a good week!
Love Elder Ivie

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