Sunday, April 23, 2017

March 20, 2017

We had a really interesting week! We started off the week in divisions after our district meeting with one of the three assistants. He came to our area and worked with us for the day. At the district meeting we found out one of the Elders went home because he was sick. So we had a new Elder in our Zone. At night we got home from working and my companion was jogging on the treadmill. I then got a call from President. He asked me how long it would take to get to this Elders house and some other stuff and said we had to go there right then. It was 9:30 already. We called an Uber and got there as fast as we could. The new Elder that got to the zone has anger problems and didn't get along with his companion. So we ended up taking him back to our house and my companion stayed at there house with nothing. The next day we went to the stake center and he was able to talk with President and he stayed with us for the whole day and then on Thursday he got moved to another zone. It was a lot of work and we barely could do anything the whole week! We were planning on baptizing Saturday but his brother got sick in Oaxaca and so we had to postpone his baptism until next Saturday. He will definitely get baptized this weekend!
We live with a member and she has an oven so this week we decided to make something with her. We made German Pancakes! They were so good! They don't really make stuff like that here and so when she tried it she liked it a ton! She makes us food a lot and it is soo goood! I think she cooks the best out of any other member in the ward! Everything is going pretty good so far. We are planning on having a couple more baptisms this month and actually are going to have one on General Conference! It will be really neat! Hope everyone is doing good!
Love Elder Ivie

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