Sunday, April 23, 2017

February 27, 2017

Tomorrow are the changes here in the mission! My companion and I will be staying together for another cycle. We get along great so that makes it a lot better haha. This weekend we are planning on having 2 baptisms. Adolfo Santiago Santiago and Martha Lisia Guzman Casillas. It is the guy in the wheel chair that we have been teaching this whole cycle. It was pretty neat this week, we would pass by his street randomly and every time we did he was sitting outside reading out of his Book of Mormon. He is already around 1 Nephi 13! He doesn't understand much but it is awesome that he is putting forth the effort! Martha is slowly stopping her smoking problem. She is awesome and will definitely be able to pull it off. She says she feels guilty anytime she smokes a cigarette now. They will be some really amazing baptisms on Saturday!
This week was really long. We spent like 4 days just walking around in the streets talking to random people and also knocking on doors because all the appointments we had fell. It was pretty frustrating but we were able to find a lot of new investigators. This week will be full of exciting experiences with all these new people we have found. They seem really cool!
We have been living beneath the apartment of a member for the last month now. She is amazing and helps us out so much! Almost everyday when we are studying or getting ready for bed.. you just hear her scream ¨Elders!¨ Then she asks us if we are hungry. She makes us pancakes, quesadilla.... but here they call them Sincronizadas, peaches in cream, fried bananas in cream and a bunch of other stuff! She is amazing. I told her about some of the food we have in the united states and told her about German Pancakes. We bought the stuff to make them and we are going to make them with her this week. Oh this week we ate one of the top nastiest things... LIVER! It was terrible. It looked like steak but then when you cut it, it had all the nerves in it and it definitely didn't taste like steak haha!
I hope everyone had a great week!
Love Elder Ivie

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