Sunday, April 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

We had a baptism on Saturday! His name was Eduardo Rodriguez Diaz. His daughter is a member in another area of the mission and came over to our ward for the baptism. It went really well. His wife has a baptism date as well and we are working  on getting her all ready for it. This Saturday we are hoping on having two baptisms, one of a 21 year old girl named Ariadna and another of a lady 28 years old named Teresa.
One day me and my companion were walking down the street contacting and trying to find new investigators. We were knocking on doors and everyone was rejecting us. I then told my companion ¨I am going to contact this house number 143, it is going to accept our message and is going to be a new investigator.¨ I knocked on the door and he opened it up and it was an adult and he listened to our message and then accepted another appointment and we left him a pamphlet to read. It was a pretty neat experience to try our faith and see the works!
We had the mission counsel meeting and they pulled my companion aside and talked to him and then pulled me aside and told me that my compnaion would be having special changes and that another Elder would be coming over to work with me. Today at 4:00 I will be saying goodbye to my companion and he will be getting moved up to the asistant to the President with Elder Alverio and Elder Miller. My companions name is Elder Roberts. He is from California and I got to know him a little bit when I was in my first area. He has one cycle less than me. We are going to be working super hard this week! Hope everyone is having fun in all the snow there in Utah haha!
Love Elder Ivie

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