Sunday, April 23, 2017

February 20, 2017

We had an awesome week! We did have plans on baptizing on Saturday but we felt that he needed more time. It was an old man that is in a wheel chair and has diabetes. He doesn't understand very much of what is going on but he answered all our questions perfectly. Later I asked him why he wanted to get baptized and he said, ``Well because you guys told me to!`` haha we at that moment were like yeah he is not quite ready. His wife came up to us and started asking us about all this stuff about baptism and who knows what. She told us that her husband was sick and always says yes to everything! We asked him a question and it was true... he said yes haha. She told us that after he gets baptized he is just going to return to the catholic church. So I looked at him and asked him exactly that. He said yes haha! So we have a lot of work with him to see if we can baptize him for the right reasons and not just cause we told him to get baptized haha.
Yesterday we had the opportunity to listen to President Russell M Nelson. He talked in a conference at the temple with the Stake Presidents from our stake center Netzahualcoyotl and another one in Los Reyes. He was amazing! He talked about so many things! He talked about how we should teach our children young and then they wont part away from what they have learned. He talked about prayer and shared a bunch of neat stories. He talked about tithing and how he became a full tithe payer. He talked about the word of wisdom and a bunch of other things. At the very end he gave us all an apostolic blessing and it was really neat to hear him give it. He did it in Spanish as well! He actually has pretty good Spanish.
We had plans on bringing about 8 investigators to the church and the night before we got calls from a couple saying that they would not be able to make it.... Sunday morning we went and passed by for two of them and they both couldn't come either. We were at that moment not expecting very many investigators to come to the church and then to come with us all the way to the temple in a bus. We got to the church and we found a bunch of people that were invited from the members. In all we brought 11 investigators to the temple and they could hear the words of President Nelson! It was an amazing day! I hope everyone else is having a good week!

Love Elder Ivie

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