Sunday, April 23, 2017

February 13, 2017

It hasn't been much time since the last time I wrote hahah. Not much has happened in the last two days. We had another baptism on Saturday. Angel, a 13 year old we were teaching got baptized! It was a great baptism and now we are going to be baptizing his mom in two weeks!
Today we went to center and walked around. We also went and ate at Carls Jr, and it was pretty great! We went and walked through the Cathedral in Zocalo and they had a huge Christ doll in there haha! It was pretty creepy. This weekend we are going to be baptizing an old man we found in the street that is in a wheel chair. He is pretty quiet but he has been progressing pretty well.
On Sunday we are going to be having a special conference at the temple. President Russell M Nielson will be coming and talking to a bunch of stakes and we are one of the stakes that was invited! I am super excited to be able to listen to him!
Well I hope everyone has a great week!
Love Elder Ivie

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