Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 24, 2016

This week we had another baptism! It was a young man that came up to us in the street saying he wanted to be baptized and he had already gone to church a bunch of times. We passed by his house one day and taught him all the lessons really quick and asked him all the baptism questions and he was ready. We set up a interview with our zone leaders and he passed. He said that he has family that are members and he invited his uncle over to his baptism. He came and was able to perform the ordinance. It was a great experience.

I had to go to the offices on Wednesday night and stayed the night there so that Thursday in the morning we could go to get my visa renewed. It was in a part of the city called Polanco. It is really nice and really expensive there! If you want a drink of something it costs like 30 pesos when it costs like 9 where we live. Anyways they have a store there run by a Jew and he sells stuff from the United States. I bought a bunch of soda and candy that was from the United States like Mt Dew and Vanilla Coke! It was a great day! They also had Twizzlers but they were pretty expensive! It was a fun trip there.

We had been planning the whole week to go to the temple for a cultural dance of folklore. The only requirments were that you had to bring investigators and a member. We talked to the bishop and he got a van rented out so that we could bring all our investigators. He said I hope it is worth the 600 pesos we have to pay and you guys can fill up the van completely. We got it all worked out and on Saturday right after the baptism we had we got a bunch of calls from the investigators that were going to come and they all canceled. Even the investigators from the other Elders canceled on them! It was terrible! Not one investigator came! They had already paid for the van and there was one member with us.... so we ended up going by ourselves because the ward had already paid for the van! It was terrible. All the dancers there were falling down and there hats fell of and I am pretty sure one of them was drunk haha.
Today we played some soccer at the church and went to eat some quesadillas afterwards. Not much! It was a pretty good week in all except for Sunday. Not one of our investigators came to church and the three baptism dates that we had will have to be placed again but for a different day. Hope everyone has a great week! Love Elder Ivie

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