Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 17, 2016

This week we were really blessed! We had a lot of success with all the goals we had placed and had success with things we hadn't even planned for. I was able to do divisions two times this week. Normally district leaders do divisions once a week to know the investigators of the other Elders in their district but I felt like I was a little behind so I did it with two companionships. It went pretty well even though a lot of the appointments we had weren't home. I was able to help some of the Elders with problems that they had and they were able to strengthen their trust in me.
We had a meeting, all the district leaders, with the President and his assistants. He talked about all the things the leaders in the mission need to do to help out their districts. After we had the meeting he ordered little cesars pizza for everyone which was pretty cool! We then headed back to our area and ate more food haha!
Last Monday we had put a couple goals as a district that we would have a family night with an investigator, recent convert, less active, and active member all in the same family night. We were able to invite one of our investigators to a family night and she liked it a lot. We will be baptizing her next Saturday. The message we shared was based on the Sabbath day but it quickly got off topic with so many members haha. One of the ladies asked about bringing skirts to church because she doesn't use them. One of the members answered her and started talking about things really uncomfortable and about lady parts and a bunch of other stuff and we just sat there and had no idea what to say haha. It was pretty funny!
We were going to have another family night another day but the family wasn't home and the member we had brought had to go back home. So we were walking her back to the taxi base so she could go home. As we were walking we heard something. We didn't really pay attention but then we heard it again and I turned around and some teenager was calling us. He said he had been studying with us and just moved into this area. He said he already had 5 Sundays and had already received his answer that it was the true church. His family still lives in the old house he lived in but he lives with his grandma now. We told him to come to church on Sunday.. and he did. We talked to him there and we placed a baptism date with him for this Saturday! We have a free baptism, the only thing we have to do is check to see if he is ready. This was a pretty big blessing for us.
While I was in divisions this week with some Elders, we went to find one of their investigators but she wasn't home. She lived on the border of our area and the area of the other elders. Later we found out that it was the house of her mom. When we were working later in the week. Some lady ran into us in the street and asked if we were the Elders in Los Olivos. We said yes. And she told me her name, and I remembered we were looking for her the day before. She was the investigator of the other Elders. She showed us where she lived and it was in our area! We invited her to come to our church, because she had been assisting another church that wasn't the one she should've been assisting. We passed by for her Sunday morning and came to church with us. She said she has been investigating the church for 5 years and still hasn't been baptized! We tried to place a baptism date with her on Sunday but she didn't want to accept it. We could baptize her whenever she wants. This was another one of the blessings we received! Pretty much we received two free baptisms!
We had 5 investigators in the church on Sunday and have 3 people with a baptism date. One for this Saturday, another for the one that follows and another for the following. For the next three weeks we should be baptizing every week! I am really excited for the next cycle here... if I stay here. We aren't sure yet who has transfers.... I hope i don't It was a really great week! We got a call from the assistants and they congratulated us for our work in the week. When they called I thought we did something wrong, but no they said we are carrying the zone this week! It was a great feeling and great motivation for the week to come! For the other elders in the district not so much because all of their baptism dates fell through. But week will be a lot better! Hope everyone else had a great week!
Love Elder Ivie

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