Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016

This last week I got a little sick, but now I am feeling a lot better. Just a few stomach problems I am sure. Not much has happened. On Wednesday we ended up going to the center of the city with the Mission President so that my companion could buy some glasses. While we waited for his glasses to get done we went and walked through one of the cathedrals that is there in the center. It was pretty big
and they do some pretty strange things there haha. We took a tour where they let us climb up into the bell towers and onto the roof and see all our over the city. From the very top of the cathedral you can see the top of the temple in the distance. Then on Thursday we got to go to the temple. It was an awesome experience, the only thing was I didn't feel very great.
These last couple weeks I have really learned about the blessings and consequences of listening to the spirit. During the week a couple times I kept saying to myself, I need to pull this Elder aside and talk to him. I never did because we were either in a meeting or eating or something like that. I had that feeling a couple times. Then one day I was talking to the zone leaders and they told me they got a call from this Elder and he wanted to go home... I realized that I should have pulled him aside when I had the chance and talk to him a bit earlier. Thankfully he hasn't gone home and I have been able to talk to him and work with him in his area. But now that I didn't act upon these promptings in time, I have to work harder with him than before. I realized that these impressions that we receive everyday are just little things that seem like nothing but really make the difference in everything. I am now learning to listen to this promptings and act upon them and not look for an excuse of why I should postpone them. We had a good week all in all, and I hope you all have a great upcoming week!
Love Elder Ivie

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