Monday, October 10, 2016

September 19

I am now in a new area and have a new companion! My companion is from Cancun, Mexico. His name is Elder May. We get along pretty well which is good. We had a pretty good week. We worked really hard trying to get to know the area and there were two days this week were we were not allowed to leave the house. We just stayed in and slept and studied and stuff like that. I am about to finish to book of 1 Samuel. I already finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It helped me out a lot with my Spanish! I am still working as the District Leader. It is a lot of work but it keeps me busy. I have to make sure everyone gets home on time and is doing what they should. If their are Elders that want to go home I have to help them with whatever is going on.
We had a bunch of investigators that we were waiting on this Sunday and not one came! I was pretty upset because we had a couple members that were going to pass by for them and they told us that they called them and they didn't answer so they didn't even bother to pass by for them. It is pretty frustrating that they don't want to help us out or finish what they told us they would do. We are doing a lot of things in this ward to help them out. I don't know how well it is working out. We will have to see in time. We had a pretty good week in all. My companion showed me a new snack we always are eating now. They are called pesqueses. they are the necks of the chickens. They are soo good! It seems nasty but it is roasted and tastes super good! Well I hope everyone is doing good, and have a great week!
Love Elder Ivie

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