Monday, November 7, 2016

October 31, 2016

It was a pretty great week this week! I got asked to do some interviews for some little kids that the other Elders in the ward were teaching... and actually I taught them too. There were three of them and two of them wanted me to baptize them. I accepted and Elder J which is the companion of Elder P would baptize the other. When the day for the baptism came around Elder J went first and it was his first baptism. He was super nervous and had been practicing a lot before. When he was about to walk into the water he asked me... What do I do then...? He was really nervous. He did it the first time and the kids head didn't even go under water. He did it again and the foot came out... so on so on. He did it 8 times and he couldn't do it. The little kid was even on his knees and he still couldn't do it. They then asked me if I could go in and baptize the kid to show him how to do it. I walked in and did it and then the next kid and the last one that I was going to baptize was baptized by Elder J. The little kid didn't want to be baptized by him because of what happened with his brother... and the same thing happened hahaha. He had to do it 5 times with him and the worst part was the water was cold. The dad of the little boys was not very happy after the baptism. It was not a very good baptism haha.
Today I went to center with one of the zone leaders and I was able to buy a mask for Halloween that was pretty cool! I also bought a watch and some ties. We went and ate a torta de pastor. It is like a taco de pastor but it is just a sandwich. It was really good! We came back to our area and we went to a birthday party and then we went home. We were supposed to be home at 5 but I never got a chance to write home so they gave us permission to write right now to you guys and cause it is right outside the house.

Love Elder Ivie

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