Saturday, October 8, 2016

September 12, 2016

We are looking at a pretty slow week ahead of us! On the 15th we have to return home after the food and can't leave the house until the 17th! It is the independence day here in Mexico and they do fireworks like crazy! They are already starting to do them! I have found a bunch in our house and I don't even know how they get there! Some people have told me that you leave your house and you have to have a helmet or something because you will get hit with a bottle rocket or some kind of firework! haha it is pretty crazy! We had interviews with the president this week and they were really neat! President took me and my companion with him afterwards and we went to burger king and bought some food!
Yesterday after church we had a member come up to us and said she wanted us to visit her friend. She took us there and she told us that her son has gotten into drugs and when we got there he stayed up on the balcony because he thought we were going to take him with us. He stayed up on the balcony the whole lesson. It was a very special lesson that we had. We felt the spirit very strong. The testimonies of the members that came with us helped out so much! We were teaching about how the Holy Ghost feels like, peace and comfort and right then the sister started crying! It was amazing to see the spirit working through her and through the members! It was an amazing lesson!
We were able to get 5 of our investigators to church yesterday and they are all getting pretty close to their baptism dates. The only thing is, I am going to be getting moved to a new area tomorrow. It is the same area but they are dividing it into two again. I will be getting moved to a new house and have a new companion. It will be a neat experience. I am pretty excited to see who my companion is. I hope everyone had a great week!
Love Elder Ivie!

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