Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 7 November 30, 2015

Sorry I was not able to write a letter to people last week. Me and my companion went to Teotihuacan and visited the temples and got back with like 15 mins to write and eat before going back to work. I don't know if any of you have looked at the blog that my mom has set up, but there are a bunch of pictures of Teotihuacan.

We had a crazy crazy week this week. On Thursday we had an appointment with one of our investigators that is almost ready to get baptized, Gloria. She is about 32 and has a 2 year old daughter. When we got to the appointment we saw her sitting on the curb outside the house. We went and talked to her and I didn't know really what was going on but she was crying and stuff. After the lesson my companion explained what had happened. Her mom had kicked her out of the house and she had no place to stay that night. My companion forgot the cell phone at our house so after the lesson we went back to the house and then came back to Texcoco, which is like 15 mins away in car, and had lunch then met Gloria at the church afterwards. We had tried calling the bishop and a bunch of other people but nobody had an answer for us. We had also missed a bunch of calls from the zone leaders, they wanted us to try and find our district leader in his area because they lost their phone and had a meeting in the morning. We had so much work to do. We waited at the church with Gloria from 3:00 to 5:30 and finally one of the members of the bishopric drove up and said she could stay with him. The ward was going to the temple that night so Gloria had to wait at the church all the way till 9:00! It was a crazy day. We never got a hold of the district leader so we had to go to their house at 9:00 at night and give them a message. We were really late getting home. We do have a baptism date for Gloria on the 19 of December! That is pretty exciting!
We have been walking so much that I already had to get one of my shoes resoled! I took it to a shoe repair shop by our house and they stitched the sole back on for like 2 dollars! It is crazy how cheap everything here is.
We had my favorite food yesterday after church, TOSTADA DE TINGA!! It is a big round tortilla chip with crema (sour cream) this really good shredded chicken with a bunch of things in it, and then cheese on top. It is so good! On Tuesday we ate with a chef, well we do every Tuesday, but this time he made Nopales soup, which is cactus. It was kind of weird. Every time you chew it makes a squeaking noise on your teeth and is slimey. I just imagined they were pickles or something. Then he gave us a huge bowl of rice and after two huge quesadillas! He had this really fancy cheese inside that was like dripping out and it did not agree with my stomach at all. This week has been pretty fun with that... haha.
My spanish is getting a lot better. All of our investigators and the members say that I have never once sounded like a gringo. Even random people on the street say that I have perfect spanish... I dont know how much I believe them but that must be a good sign. I just need to broaden my vocabulary and be able to understand people better.
Here in Mexico they don't celebrate thanksgiving. At the end of the day I was sitting at  my desk and looked up at the calendar and saw it was thanksgiving and turned to my companion and was like, ¨Hey did you know it is thanksgiving... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!´´ It was pretty funny.
Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and is having a good start to their winter.
Love Elder Ivie

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