Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 10- December 21, 2015 First Baptism

I had my first baptism this week! It was amazing!

 The day before we went to the temple with her and a bunch of other people from the ward. It was neat cause we rented a combi or a van and rode to the temple together.
 The temple is beautiful here in Mexico! The lights are everywhere. They have palm trees with lights all the way up them and the nativity scene. It was a cool experience for the day before the baptism.

On the ride home I remembered in my bag I had some sour candy that I brought here to Mexico from Utah. I gave some to a few people and we had so much fun with it! I don't think they know what sour candy is here haha cause most of their candy is chili powder and spicy.
The day of the baptism was way busy! We got to the church 1 hour and a half before it started to fill up the tank. When we opened it up it still had water in there that was like brown and had huge spiders and bugs in it! We had to drain as much as we could and clean it out and then fill it back up in time for the baptism. We were not able to drain it all but we got it pretty clean, but is was cold! The baptism went really well. Then we had the confirmation the next day in the sacrament meeting.

Oh not the last Sunday but the one before was the dedication of the Tijuana temple and we got to go to the stake center and watch. It was really neat to hear it in Spanish! President Uchtdorf spoke and the president of the temple is the son of Gordon B Hinckley. Uchtdorf spoke English and paused every once in a while to have a guy translate it into Spanish. My Spanish has gotten a lot better in the last couple weeks. I am probably going to get a native Spanish speaker for my next companion so I am kind of enjoying the last couple weeks I have with my companion to speak English haha!

We had the ward Christmas party this week too but we left once they started eating because my companion was having a lot of pain in his stomach. We had drank some horchata earlier and it had milk in it and he cant drink a lot of milk. So we gave him a blessing and came home an hour earlier than we were supposed to. Oh on the day of the baptism we ate the best food ever! Hermana Gayosso fixed us up some Tostadas de tinga and... some tacos de suadero. It is part of a cow and the meat is really red and tastes amazing! You have these tortillas with some ground beef and onions then you put the other suadero meat in and then cilantro and salsa and more onions and ooooh it is amazing!!
For Christmas here in mexico we don't have to work like we usually do. We can if we want. We will probably go out to eat later in the day at a restaurant and then go bowling or something fun with the other members of our district.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!
Love Elder Ivie


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