Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 11- December 27, 2015 Christmas

Christmas in the mission was pretty great! We had a lot of stuff planned to do but didn't do any of them. I was sick the entire week. It started on Monday and I still am. We went to a doctor on Saturday and I have a Stomach Infection and a fever. He gave me a bunch of pills and I have been feeling a lot better. On Christmas Eve Eve we got a call from the offices saying that I had a package in the offices. The President had given us permision to go get it if we wanted to. So the next day, Christmas Eve we went to the offices bright and early and ended up finding two packages there. The President was there with a bunch of his family and a bunch of other Elders that had packages in the offices also. It was like a second little reunion! After we went through the tiangis that were right outside the offices. They are huge on Thursdays! We bought four pairs of socks each. Two of them were matching and were holiday socks. We matched on Christmas and on the following Sunday. Christmas Eve we had a big dinner and ate turkey and pork and lasagna and a bunch of other good food. I wasn't able to eat a bunch but it was still really good.

On Christmas morning we got to sleep in and we opened up all our packages in our bed. I got so much candy that I filled up a entire box! I don´t know what I am going to do with it all. I got some ties and a lot of beef jerky which they don't have here in mexico! We went and got to talk to our families on skype for an hour and it was amazing! We then went back to our apartment and I slept the entire day because I didn't feel very good.

We are going to have changes next week. We are also going to be opening up a new area called, Ixtapaluka (Estapaluka). Because of this area they have to cut the missionaries in other areas. Our area is Chapingo 2. The president said that all the areas that are split into 2 areas, like ours, are going to be put toghether into one area. So that means our area would be twice as big as it already is. All the areas would get a little bit bigger. They are going to be sending 34 Elders and Sisters to this area and it is supposed to be a really good baptizing area. I am hoping that I will get sent to the new area! It would be a really cool experience.

Not much happened this week because of the holidays and people being on vacation and with family. But this is all the exciting stuff that happened!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Love Elder Ivie

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