Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 8 December 7, 2015

We had a really great first week of December! Last week we found a gym that was really close to our house and we went and talked to the people to see how much it would cost. It was quite a bit so they said they would call us back later if they could make us a deal. This week we called them back and said that we could come for a certain amount of money that was a lot less than they had previously told us. So the next morning we went to the gym! It isnt that nice of a gym but it is a 3 minute run from our house and they have all the equipment you could need. So for the past week everymorning we have been going to the gym!

We have three investigators with baptism dates right now. One of them, Gloria is for the 19 of December which is coming up really fast and she has progressed really fast. The other one, is a less actives girlfriend. She came to church this sunday for the first time and we think she will progress really good. It is hard to have lessons with her though because it is at her work. And the third is with a guy that has been taught by other missionaries before. He just disappeared from off the map for a couple months but he called us the other week saying he needs our help. He just got separated from his wife and all this other stuff and so we started teaching him all the lessons again. He knows a lot about the gospel. It is hard to have lessons with him though cause he is never at his house. 

On Saturday we had a missionary activity at the church playing soccer and volleyball with the ward. We got there early and it was just the missionaries there. We waited a while and nobody came so we just played basketball, and I showed the other missionaries how to play some really fun games with the basketball. Even though no one came, it was really fun. 

Last night we dropped off our clothes at a members house so that they could wash them for us and we went with them to another members house to watch the Christmas Devotional. It was really good but kind of hard to understand in spanish haha. After we were walking down the street and there was a guy riding a motor cycle towards us in the dark. He started to go around us really close and then all of the sudden he lunged his arm towards my stomach and screamed ´´HUETO!!!´´(which means white boy or something haha) Me and my companion freaked out! He didnt touch us but the way he moved his arm, I thought he stabbed me in the stomach hahah. My companion gets scared really easy and he was laughing so hard after it happened. 

This week on friday we have to come home after we eat and have to stay in the house the rest of the night, then the next day we cant leave the house at all. It is the day of the virgin and it is really crazy! So we have to stay inside all day for security, so we went and bought a board game today. We also have to stay in all day on the 1st of january. 

I am getting really excited for the baptisms coming up and for all the activities we have with christmas. The spanish is still pretty hard to understand but it will get easier! Hope everything is going great in Utah! 

Love Elder Ivie

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