Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 9 In Mexico- December 15, 2015

We had an awesome week here in the mission! Half way through the week me and my companion ate some small meat patties with this gravy and beans, but the thing was that it was all freezing cold. It was pretty nasty. At the end of the day my companion didn't feel very good and at our last appointment he threw up. I didn't luckily. The next day he felt really weak so we didn't work and we went to the doctor. He had an infection in his stomach. That was Thursday so we didn't work that day but Friday morning we worked and came home after the food and Saturday we couldn't leave. We played a lot of games and ordered pizza with Jaritos pinapple flavored! It is amazing!

This Saturday is my first baptism! She asked which one of us was going to perform the baptism and we said it is up to you, then she said I want Elder Ivie because it is his first baptism! I am super excited! I think it will be a turning point in my mission. We just barley got out of a lesson with her and she is struggling a lot with stuff. I shared with her the story of Joseph Smith in the sacred grove when he was about to pray and a darkness came over him. I told her that Satan is going to try everything he can to keep you from getting baptized because it is what God wants. I then bore my testimony and I think it helped her out a bunch. We are going to go to the temple on Friday night with her to see the lights. It is going to be amazing one day before her baptism.

Today we got a call while we were studying from one of our investigators husbands. He had an accident with a horse and hurt his leg and couldn't feed his animals. So we got all dressed up and went to help. It ended up taking a lot longer than we thought. We started at 10 and finished at 4! We missed a lot of appointments but it was worth it. We made the feed for the animals and looked at all his animals. It was really cool! He was a cowboy that participates in the Mexican rodeos. He does the bareback riding and sometimes bulls! Pretty cool!

We had the Christmas activity with the whole mission yesterday and that is why I wasn't able to write. We don't have much time right now to write either but I will try and hurry! At the activity we had a devotional and sang, then it was a talent show. Then we went and ate food and did sports. They had arm wrestling, which my companion participated in and took second.... he kind of hurt his elbow though. I got pulled into doing the stick pull like in the Joseph Smith movie. It was weird cause the stick was a really thick piece of wood covered in duct tape and was slippery. I went against a kid 2 times my size and we started going and I snapped the stick in half! It was crazy! We then got another one and he started before they said go and my hands slipped so he won but it was super fun! We then went and watched a movie... but in Spanish... it was Big Hero 6. I liked it a ton! It was a really fun activity. I don't have much more time and I cant remember everything that happened this week. Hope everyone is having a good week! And enjoying the snow! It is actually pretty cold here.

Love Elder Ivie

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