Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 6 in Mexico- Nov 23, 2015

Hey I don't have very much time to write today. We just got back from Teotihuacan. It is a place that has a bunch of pyramids. You can probably look it up and find some cool pictures of it. I got a bunch I will try to put on today while we eat. We had to wait like an hour before the bus came to take us back to Texcoco.

This week was pretty great!

We had one of our investigators come to church again. It is her third time so two more to go before she can be baptized! We had a couple of other investigators come but they are like the husband of the primary president. He isn't a member but it was the primary program and he watched his kids. 

We ate some pretty crazy stuff this week! We were with a chef that had us help him make the food. It was a tortilla, with two kinds of cheese, ham and then we folded it into a triangle and dipped it in egg and rolled it around in bread crumbs then he fried them. They looked so good. Then he pulled out a bag of something and he told me to try one. I looked in and they were chapulines (crickets). They were cooked and they tasted like chilis. Then he walked over to our tortillas (locos tacos) and dumped a ton on them! It was pretty good actually... until you get one that is big and juicy!

And another day at another persons house we had a entire bowl full of chapulines with some salsa on the side for them. Probably the weirdest thing I have ate but not the worst.

Oh yeah I already have to get my brown shoes re soled... One of them is starting to come off like how my work shoes did. But luckily there are shoe stores all over the place here. We actually ordered some shoes last week at a store that sells real shoes and the fake versions. We bought the fake ones for like 15 dollars. I also gave a member 250 pesos to buy a big azteka calendar that looks really cool. While at teotihuacan they had these calendars but out of material for table cloths. I was going to buy one but they were 600 pesos. Then the guy said oh for you 200. I think the next time I am down there I can talk the guy down to 150.
You will have to just tell everyone I was not able to write them back today because i didn't have much time and you can post whatever you want from this letter to the blog.

Well we are going to eat so I got to go.

Love you guys!

Love Elder Ivie

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