Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 12- January 4th 2016

Photo sent through Facebook thanks Carmen Gayoso
The past week here in the mission has been really slow. All our numbers are really low. All of our investigators were either with family or on vacation and that's how it was with almost everyone here. We had a pretty good week though. On the 31st of December we went and ate at Dominos with our district leader and then went and had a lesson in a small town, then went and ate at the bishops house and watched them light off fireworks! It was really fun. The next day we couldn't leave the house until 12:00 for safety purposes and we only had three lessons and it was already 6:00. We then got a call from the zone leaders while we were in a lesson, and they said that we needed to return to the house because something happened in the mission. We still don't know what happened but I hope it wasn't anything really bad. We had permission from the President to watch a Disney movie until 12:00 so I bought Home on the Range at a store. It was nice to have a little break and watch a movie.

On Saturday we had a really crazy experience in a combi (van). We were just walking back to the main road after a lesson we had and we got into a combi. The back was all full so my companion sat up front with the driver and I was in the back. When the driver went to leave the shoulder of the road another combi came by and hit us. I didn't even feel it cause it was just a scrape but apparently it broke the mirror on the other van. The other driver stopped right in front of us so we couldn't drive around him and there were cars behind us. The guy walked up to the van we were in and started screaming and swearing and punching the van. He kept screaming saying ´´Your going to pay for a new mirror!´´ The driver of the combi we were in had rolled the window up and didn't say anything to him. The guy was trying to open the door to pull him out but it was locked. He then started to walk around to the side my companion was on and the driver was like ´´ Hurry lock the door!´´ My companion didn't know how so he just leaned forward and the driver reached over and locked it just in time before the guy could open the door and yank my companion out. He then came to the door that I was in and opened it up and started screaming. A lot of the people in the back started to get out and I just sat there. The guy couldn't do anything from the back because they have walls up between the back and the front compartment. You could smell alcohol and tell he was all drugged up. He walked back around to the drivers door and started punching the windows and pulled the mirror off the van and threw it on top of the car. The driver finally paid the guy 50 pesos which is like 3 or 4 dollars and the guy finally left. The whole time he had people waiting in his van too. It was a really crazy night. You never know what could happen cause at any moment he could pull out a gun or something.
Later that night we found out if we would be having changes or not. They told us that we both would be getting changed to a new area. My companion got a call from the President earlier in the week and told him that he would be the zone leader of Los Reyes. So he would be leaving but he still doesnt know what area. He just knows he is going to be staying in Los Reyes. I am going to have to take all my luggage to the Neza stake center which is where they have the changes. I have no idea where I am going to be moved to but I just know I am going to be moved to a new area. The area I am in right is going to be combined with the other area of Chapingo. The other Chapingo is huge. They told us that you could take a van for 1 hour and a half and then walk another 30 minutes and you are still in their area, and now that area is going to be combined with ours. It could be a mission all by itself because it is so big.
Sunday was a really neat day. It was a day to say goodbye to all the members. It was also testimony meeting so my companion and another Elder bore their testimonies. The last Elder that bore his, did a little bit in english. A lady sitting by me leaned over and asked, ´´Are you going to go up there and bare your testimony in engligh?´´ I told her that I probably would. So I walked up there and I told everyone that I also was going to be leaving to a new area. I could see a bunch of peoples faces go from a smile to a sad frown. I then told them that I would like to share a little of my testimony in english. As soon as I started speaking english the whole room got silent. My companion afterwards told me that a little boy in front of him said that it was the coolest thing ever. That Sunday was one to remember.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and an amazing New Year.
Love Elder Ivie

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