Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 5 - October 3, 2015

Pinata I got for a Fiesta from my Mom

This week has been pretty great here in the MTC! Not much new has happened. The temple was closed last Saturday and then yesterday it was closed again for general conference. It kinda feels different not having gone to the temple this week. We did get to sleep in though the past couple of nights which has been amazing! On Friday we received our flight plans! I will be leaving on Monday the 12th. I have to go to the travel office at the MTC at 5:00 in the morning which is a lot better than a lot of the people here... they usually leave around 3:00 in the morning. The one downside is that Elder Harley is actually leaving on Sunday not Monday. I am the travel leader for my group which is only me haha, We go from Salt Lake straight to Mexico City. I am really excited to get out of here.

The language has kind of hit a wall the past week. It doesn't seem like I have been learning very much lately. In lessons I will try to say something but the words just don't come to my mouth. It is kind of frustrating but usually I can get the message across somehow. If not the people just look really confused at me and it is awkward.

Conference with everyone in the GYM
We had conference yesterday and everyone went to the gym to watch it. We sat in the bleachers where the seats really are not that comfortable. We had 3 sessions to so it was kind of hard to pay attention and not fall asleep. It is really neat to be here while conference is going on though. You can definitely feel the spirit being in a gym completely full of missionaries.

The Tile Step I Broke
On Thursday we had service really early in the morning. We got asked to vacuum the stairs. I grabbed the vacuum and set it up against this box at the bottom of the stairs cause I had to grab something else. Then when I grabbed the vacuum again I heard something start to fall but I kept walking up the stairs and didn't pay attention. Then there was a huge thud! I turned around and a huge pole,(The poles that they use during devotionals where they display the talks on the glass for the speakers to read) had fallen and landed right next to my foot! It shattered the tile right where my foot was! It was pretty scary and kind of weird that they would put that standing straight up in the hall. But now I can say I have left my mark on the MTC! haha.

Hope everyone else has been having a great week! I have got 8 more days here in the MTC then I am going straight to Mexico!
Love Elder Ivie
Spike Ball


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