Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 9, 2017 It's My Birthday!!!

On Friday it is my birthday. My companion has an appointment with the doctor at 6:30 because he got a pacemaker put in. So we are hoping that President will pick us up and take us to his house afterwards! I am sure if we tell him that it is my birthday he will take us somewhere to eat and do something fun! I hope that is what happens!
We are hoping for a couple baptisms really soon. We are not really sure if we are going to have changes or not so I hope we don't because we have about 7 or 8 baptisms getting lined up! We got sent home a couple times this week because things are getting really crazy here in Mexico. The gas prices shot up a ton and all the people are freaking out! On Monday half the Zone went to Teotihuacan and on the way home they got stuck in traffic. They ended up having to leave the bus and then walk to a little town where they were and called President and he decided to go and pick them up. He ended up getting stuck in traffic and couldn't get to them. They had to wait for a member in the other mission to pick them up and they stayed in a members house till Tuesday and President went and picked them up. There were protests and they blocked off the roads and nobody can get through. They lit cars on fire and a bunch of crazy stuff. They started to rob stores like Walmart and stuff like that and everything is really crazy! We haven't seen anything happen around our area too crazy but we have been trying to keep an eye out for anything that looks dangerous. Not much else has happend here. The changes are coming up next week! We will have to see what happens! Love you guys a bunch!
Elder Ivie

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