Thursday, January 12, 2017

December 13, 2016

We had an awesome week! I am now in Nezahuacoyotl or just called Neza. It is a huge city but has a lot of areas in it. My area is called Benito Juarez. It is an area of 7 streets by 22 streets. Pretty small and we can get around it all by walking. My companion is Elder Arroyo from Aguas Calientes, Mexico. He is awesome he is 23 and his birthday is on the 26 of December. We are going to be passing both our birthdays together! We are opening up the area that we are in right now. We don't know anyone at all. We worked super hard and found 13 new investigators and we have 7 investigators with a baptism date right now! In the whole zone, we have half of the baptism dates! On this Saturday we are going to be having one for a girl names Maria Fernanda Nito Farfán. She is 18 and wants the other Elders that were teaching her to come back and be at her baptism.

We had the Christmas activity on Friday. We had a devotional and sang a couple hymns and then afterwards we changed and did a game of white elephant. I brought a gift of Baby diapers, silly string, and a toilet bowl cleaner! It was pretty funny! I won a bottle full of money! We then went and ate and watched the arm wrestling competition. Elder Alverio almost won the guy that beat him last year. After that they turned on the movie The Jungle Book, so I went and watched that with Elder Palacios. It was a really fun party!

Oh yeah I got my name tags made out of Obsidian. I put some pictures on the google drive. It is pretty fun so far being the zone leader. We have to report with the assistants on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It isn't that much and we don't have to plan for lessons to teach the districts every Monday. We just share something if we want to.

I hope you guys had a great week! Love you!

Elder Ivie

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