Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 22, 2016

We had a pretty good week. It seemed to go by pretty slow and it seems like we are slowly losing people to teach. We have found a bunch of old investigators of other missionaries just by contacting in the street and stuff. One day this week we were walking in the street and someone yelled to us. It was some drunk guy that could barley walk. He came over to us super slow and shook our hands and we talked to him for a second then we decided to take him to his house. I grabbed his arm and my companion took a plant that he was holding. We started walking down the hill to his house. We got to his house and he asked us to come in to his house. His sister was there and thanked us for bringing him home. He then grabbed by hand and dragged me into his room. He told me to sit down so I did. He then had my companion sit down also. He then just started crying and kept saying that he was a drunk and wanted to stop. He wanted us to share something with him so we said a prayer with him and his sister. We then tried to leave but he kept yelling to us. We then talked to his sister and she happened to be an investigator of other missionaries. We plan on returning there and teaching them.
This week we did divisions with the zone leaders. One of them came to our area and it was us three in our area. We asked the bishops son to come help us in the morning so we could get to more appointments. I went with Elder Lopez in the morning and my companion went with the bishops son. It was really neat to be with a latino because they speak really good. I learned a lot of things that I can share while I am teaching certain lessons. We were in one lesson with an investigator and we were teaching about the restoration and he was explaining the Book of Mormon. He asked him if he was the oldest or youngest in his family he said he was the youngest. He then was like so since you are the youngest does that mean your parents talk to you less than your other brothers? He said no. Then he explained that god loves the whole world and has prophets in the Americas also. He then said if you moved to another country would they still talk to you? Then he said no, because my parents don't live with me and they don't talk to me at all. We both just looked at each other and we were like .....CRAP...... it was pretty awkward but he was cool about it. It was a funny experience. I really like doing divisions. I hope everyone has another great week and stays safe!
Love Elder Ivie

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