Monday, March 21, 2016

March 14, 2016

We had another great week here in the mission! On Wednesday we did divisions with the district leader. I went to his area and stayed the night there. In the morning his companion wasn't feeling very good because it
was cold the night before and was shivering the entire night. We had to go to the offices to change the sim card in our phone because it wasn't working, but when we got back we just stayed in the house all day. My companion and our district leader went to a part of our area that we have never been to before to try and find some contacts that we had done. They actually found a couple of people. Then on Saturday me and my companion went out there again. Our area is like three or four separate mountain ranges! It gets pretty tiring by the end of the day having the walk up and down the streets.
We had a pretty successful week. We were able to get back in contact with one of our first investigators. She had started working and we could never get a hold of her. One day we were walking past her house and I just had a feeling we needed to go to her house. We went and rang the door bell and she was there! We went in and talked to her for a little bit and she told us she had been watching a bunch of the church videos and she liked them a bunch! We then invited her to come to the temple with us on Friday. This Friday we will be going to the temple as a ward and some people will be going to do baptisms while others will be going to the visitors center. It will be a lot of fun! We also were able to teach
her daughter in-law. She is sort of interested in what we are teaching but isn't quite sure. We got them both to come to church and put some baptism dates and also got Miguel to come to church. We even had 4 less actives to come again and they seemed to enjoy it a lot! It is always a great feeling going to church on Sunday and seeing all your hard work come together! I hope everyone had another great week!
Love Elder Ivie

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