Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

We had another amazing week! We had the opportunity to go to the temple with the ward and invite some investigators on Friday this week. Earlier in the month we ran into an old investigator of the missionaries before us. We put down his address and the day before the temple we had the
impression to go to his house. His name is Ricardo. We talked with him for a while and invited him to come to the temple with us the next day. He was a little skeptical but after a while accepted the invitation. The next day we passed by his house so that we could all go to the church together. We also had a less active and her two kids show up. Ricardo is someone that is pretty hard to talk to. I would ask him how he has been and he would say ´´Bad...´´ It was pretty hard to reply. Once we got to the Temple it all changed and it was a really amazing experience. We started off going through the little tour of the
visitors center with the Sister missionaries. Ricardo really liked the things that they were teaching especially about the family. After it all I asked him how he felt and he said he was happy! Me and another missionary Elder Carrasco my district leader were talking to him and explaining more about the temple and stuff and he had a bunch of questions. We were talking about how we can be forgiven of the things we have done and start over through baptism. He didn't think he could be forgiven of the things he has done. We took him into the room with the Jesus statue and started talking more in depth of things. He told us how he had been praying and asking God for help in his life and then the 
very next day we knocked on his door. He told us he wanted to be baptized but when he feel like he
has been forgiven for the things he has done. We just kept explaining that it is through baptism that he will feel like that. He also had told my companion that he had been having dreams about the rooms that were in the temple and the visitors center but he didn't know where it was. Then he was there and saw the Jesus statue and all the rooms and it all clicked! It was an amazing experience to be teaching in the visitors center, we even felt it was right to put a baptism date with him. He accepted and had an amazing experience at the Temple.

Along with the temple we had a pretty good week. We had a lesson with a member that got baptized as a little girl and then stopped going. We taught her whole family and they all seemed pretty
receptive to what we were teaching. It is amazing how many people we have found in our area that are members and the ward does not even know about them. One day this week we walked around just asking anyone we saw if we could do any kind of service for them. We went to one of our investigators stores and we helped her fill up the machines and wash the floor and a bunch of stuff. I actually have fun doing stuff like that.
Today we went to the offices to get the packages and letters for our zone. 

We then came back and I did a photo shoot with Elder Hernandez! It was pretty fun and we got some really nice photos. He wants to send them to some companies because apparently I look like a clothes model hahah! It was a fun p-day! Hope everyone else had a good week! 

Love Elder Ivie

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