Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

The last time I wrote was on Wednesday so I havent had much time between then and now but we had a pretty good week! We were able to get three investigators to come to church and they are all progressing really well. Earlier in the week we asked a sister in the ward if she would come to a investigators house with us to teach and she did. She is an amazing lady that had her daughter pass away last year and she gives us food almost everyday of the week. We went and taught one of our investigators and when he opened the door he smiled really big. He saw that we brought somebody. They are both single and she thought he was cute. They are both like 60 years old too. We now have fun with the sister at church and when she feeds us by saying, ´´How is your boyfriend doing?¨ She is an awesome lady and I am glad we can have fun when we are around her. Because of her we were able to get two of our investigators to church and now they feel more comfortable coming.
This week when we got to the church a girl walked up to me that was about 12 and once she looked at me she did the little scream that girls do when they see something they like and said, ´´His eyes!´´ It was really funny. Everyone here has brown eyes so when someone else comes that has different colored eyes it is crazy to them. I have had so many people say stuff to me about them. It is one way we start conversations with people in the streets sometimes hahah.
This week we ate some pretty crazy food. It was called Morronga. It is the intestines of a pig. They leave all the leftover food in there and then the rest of it is just filled with blood. It is not the greatest thing in the world. It doesnt smell that great either after it is cooked. My companion is going to finsish one year in the mission this week on thursday so we are going to make cookies. We are pretty excited. This morning we went to a big soccer field and met all the elders and sisters that are in Ixtapaluca and played sports. I played socer the whole time but they had soccer, basketball and football. It was really fun. I got really sunburnt! Other than all that not much has happened this week. I hope everyone has a great week!
Love Elder Ivie

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