Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

We had a pretty great week! Not much has happened since last week. Today we had an awesome day! We woke up at 5 and left our house to go to another Elders area. There they have a mountain in their area that we planned on hiking before the sunrise. It was a straight up climb but we were careful. One of the Elders was not use to climbing and threw up three times. We got to the top just in time to watch the sunrise. It rose up right behind the two volcanoes that are really close to our area. One of the volcanoes is active and was exploding while the sun was rising! It was an amazing view! Something I will never forget! Everything that happens here are things that I will never forget! We then went and played soccer for a little while then came back to our area. It was the perfect p-day!
We went to church this week not expecting any of our investigators to come because there was a girl in our area that commited suicide. We didn't know who she was but our investigators did and they said they were going to go to her funeral. While in church one of them actually came! We were so happy to see her there. Our other investigator wanted to know if he could invite his friend to come with him or to another church because he lives somewhere else. We were like of course you can! It is awesome that our investigators want other people to feel what they are feeling!
This week we had interviews with the president. They went really well and it was nice to sit down and talk with him!
I hope everyone has another great week and knows that it is cold here also... maybe not quite as cold but I use a sweater almost everyday!
Elder Ivie

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