Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 27, 2016

 Sorry I didn't write on Monday. This week we were given permission to go to the temple. That means that we had to change our P-Day to the day we went to the temple. We chose to go on
Wednesday. We had to leave the house at 5:30 and we got to temple around 8:00. It was an awesome experience! Especially because it was in Spanish. I was able to understand almost all of it. There have been so many people that ask me how long I have lived here because I can speak pretty fluently. When I tell them five months they freak out and don't believe me and want an explanation on how I learned so fast. I just have to try and explain that it is the gift of tongues.

This week we did not have very many lessons because it was a weird week. We did divisions like twice and my companion had to go to the offices twice. The first time he went to the offices I stayed in my area and worked with Elder Barnett. We then met back up right before the food and went back to our own areas. The second time we did divisions I was with the district leader. He came to my area with me and my companion went to his area. It was a pretty neat day. I was able to put a baptism date with one of our investigators that we have. We also got him to commit to coming to church with us on Sunday. I also put a date with another one of our investigators and my companion said it was a really cool way that I did it. The lesson we had was super spiritual. Every scripture we read with her was perfect and she couldn't stop crying.The district leader did not like my area because it was a straight mountain. His area is a flat city. He also asked me to give a lesson in a zone meeting we had on Monday. It was about weekly planning. It had to be no less than ten minutes and weekly planning has 13 points. That meant I had to talk about each point in less than one minute. I went over time but they all said it was pretty good.
On Monday night we went to the offices and we ended up staying the night there. The next day my companion had to go to the immigration office and so that's why we stayed the night. We went and bought some Subway while we were there and it was amazing! The guys in the office are super funny and I think on one of our upcoming P-Days we are going to go shopping with them somewhere. On Tuesday we didn't get home until like 6 and we weren´t able to find many people to teach if any.
Next week we are going to be working super hard to find people to teach and figure out which investigators we have that are going to progress. Hopefully we can get our investigators to come to church again so they can progress. I hope I don't get sick this week because I just came back from the food and it was Chicharon in salsa verde. That is what I had last time when I got a stomach infection and the lady gave me a ton!!!
Well I hope everyone is doing good and has a great week!!
Love Elder Ivie


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