Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 18, 2016

Volcano Erupting

My new area has been pretty amazing so far! I think almost every day we are able to find a new investigator. Almost every single person that we contact in the street says we can pass by and share a message. It is crazy! In all we have about 22 investigators. That is mostly from what we found in the streets in the last two weeks. Now what we have to do is go through them and find out which ones are actually going to progress. It is like mining and sifting through the dirt for things. We have to sift through our investigators because not all of them are going to progress. We hope they all will but it doesn't always work that way. We have investigators with all different kinds of backgrounds. We found one guy that was already a member, he has a new wife and she isn't baptized and neither are his kids. We plan on baptizing his entire family. We have some investigators that we have to help get married first so that they can be baptized, others that have addictions, others that don't understand our message. The hardest part is to get them to come to church. It is even harder now because we have ward meetings every Sunday before church so we cant pass by for any of the investigators. We will work something out. Almost all of the lessons here are really spiritual. We had one with a guy that was an alcoholic and he was telling us his whole life story. At the end of our lesson my companion gave the final prayer and the guy was just sitting in the chair crying for like 2 minutes before he finally said amen. It was really spiritual. We have had a bunch like that.  
Today we went to the center of the city. It is really cool there. You walk down the street and on both sides it is just store after store and then every once in a while it is a huge cathedral. One was actually opened and so we walked in and looked around. It was huge and looked really cool on the inside. We went through a couple of the stores and found a couple of sweaters and things that we liked that we bought. We then went to a Chinese buffet and celebrated my birthday. It was pretty fun. We also celebrated my birthday at the house by ordering pizza and watching Gods Army. It was a fun day. Hope everyone has another great week!
Love Elder Ivie


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