Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 5 in Mexico - Nov 9, 2015

The weeks here have been flying by! Seems like I have only been here for only two weeks but I have already finished a whole month in Mexico and two months in the mission!
This week was amazing! During our study time this week, me and my companion were reading in Doce Semanas, it is the training for new missionaries. And we studied about goals. This week we really focused on setting goals and reaching them. Each day we set a goal for how many lessons we will have and how many contacts we will get. Usually we are supposed to have 40 contacts a week and 40 lessons. It is really hard for us to get 40 lessons because our area is huge and we cant make it to all the houses with enough time to teach. So our goal was 30 lessons and for contacts I told my companion we were going to try for 100!!
We started the week off pretty good and the first day we were able to contact 20 people. Me and my companion split up on the street and contacted two people at a time. I contacted one guy that was trying to sell me something, and he said he was a christian. I was like that's perfect... then he just burst
into song. He sang to me for a good 5 minutes. I kept looking over at my companion talking to someone else and he kept looking at me like, what is that guy doing? It was hilarious. Once he was finished he told me to start singing. I was like um yeah I am learning Spanish right now so... Later in the week we had an activity with the whole zone where we went to Texcoco Central and we all contacted a bunch of people there. I saw a huge group of people at this shoe shining stand so I told my companion, ´´I am going over there to get my shoes shined and I am going to contact all of the people right there.´´ So I walked over and sat down in the chair and right as I did, everyone left. I was like, you got to be kidding. I spent like 20 minutes getting my shoes shined, but I was able to have a awesome talk with the guy. We were able to get 27 contacts that day so we felt like we were doing pretty good with trying to reach our goal.
One day we needed to get 6 lessons and it was 8:30. We only had 5 and we didn't know what to do. We were right next to our apartment and we were thinking of what we could do. Then I came up with an idea. I told my companion to follow me. I walked into a small store and grabbed a Popsicle and some cookies. Then when I walked to the lady to check out I told her we were missionaries and asked if we could share our message with her really quick. She said sure. So me and my companion talked about the Resurrection with her for like ten minutes and we were able to get our 6th lesson!
The next couple days we were really busy and were not able to get any contacts. We had 61 so far and had one day left to get to 100. I told my companion we are going to get to 100. That day we walked sooo far! We contacted every single person we came in contact with on the street. Before we knew it, we had 41 contacts! We reached our goal! We also were able to get 29 lessons, not quite what our goal was but it was a lot more than we usually have.
We have so many investigators right now and have the opportunity to have almost 16 baptisms! The only problem we have been having is trying to get our investigators to come to church. We always talk about the importance of the Sabbath day and they still don't come. Hopefully this week will be better.
Hope everyone has a great week!
Love Elder Ivie

(Part 2)
Yeah we eat with members pretty much everyday. On Wednesday we were waiting for a combi and there was another caterpillar. So we did it again but Elder Alverio did it this time. There were only two girls in there but right when we sat down Elder Alverio slammed his shoes together to get it to fall off, and it didn't. I started laughing a bit. He tried like 3 more times and it wouldn't come off, he slammed his foot against the wall and it still didn't so I was laughing pretty hard. Then he just flicked it off. It started walking around and no body knew it was there. This lady was sitting down and she went to sit in the back to make more room for people and I was watching the caterpillar and when she moved she stepped right on it!! I just looked at her foot then looked at Elder Alverio. Then I bursted out laughing as hard as I could. I started crying! Then when we got off the lady got off at the same spot and asked us why we were laughing. We just said there was a caterpillar on the combi and we don't know where it went. It was funny!

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