Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 30, 2016

We had another really great week in the mission, had some members in our area pass by for some investigators that we have and bring them to church. We had plans for others to do the same but our investigators were sick. We are hoping that for the upcoming week they are feeling better and are able to come. The investigators that came this week are now one Sunday away from their baptism!
They had been having a little bit of trouble during the week because they heard a lot of people in the streets saying that the Mormons worship God in a bad way and a bunch of other stuff. We asked her how she felt at Church and if she thought we were worshiping God in a strange or bad manner. She said she liked it a lot and we were able to help her and her daughter regain the desire to be baptized.
During the week we also passed by for our convert Lucia that has never returned to church. We were able to teach her and then after we went with her and her daughter. She has been taught a little bit by the missionaries but not much. She shared with us a couple experiences that she has had with prayer and at the end of the lessons we asked her to say it. When she finished she bursted into tears and didn't know why. I explained to her that it was the spirit. She then told us that she would come to church because she wanted to feel like this again. It was a good week in all.
I hope everyone else had a good week as well!
Love Elder Ivie

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