Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 23, 2016

This week we were able to have interviews with President Stutznegger. We had a really neat interview. He shared with me a random scripture that he pointed to in Preach My Gospel and it was D&C 67:10. He explained to me exactly what he interpreted it to mean and said it was talking to me. It has a really neat promise in there if you guys want to read it to find out what it is.
On Sunday we were able to help one of our investigators come to church for the first time. I think that she really liked it. We are hoping for the next week she will be able to come wit the rest of her family. we also had a couple other less actives that made it.
During the week we went and passed by for a member that was feeling sick the other Sunday. We got there and she had forgot that we were going to pass by. We shared a talk that my dad sent me about the logan temple and how the saints did everything they could to make it to church. Afterwards she shared with us that she has been struggling with coffee. She says she has talked to the bishop and he said if she can be clean from coffee for one month she can get it back. She has been clean for a month but she told us that 30 minutes before we knocked (yelled) outside her house, she had the urge to make herself a cup of coffee. If we didnt pass by, she would have lost all that she had been working for. It was a really neat lesson. Afterwards it started to rain and we had to wait for it to stop because it was super strong. The roads were like rivers of mud.
Another day we ran into a drink guy that we had contacted before. He dragged us into his house and as showing us what he was making with all his chicken intestines. He was pulling all the junk out of them to make tacos. We then went to his house and we just shared a scripture and he was acting really strange. We shared james 1:5 then I asked him how he felt and he just stared at the floor for a long time. He then got up really quick went to the other end of the room and grabbed something really quick and came walking back really quick. We thought he was going to have a knife or something but it was a photo album. He shared a couple photos with us and then we left. It was a strange lesson. Overall we had a great week! Hope everyone else did too!
Love Elder Ivie

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