Monday, May 23, 2016

May 16, 2016 New Companion

First week as a dad! It was a pretty interesting week. The very first day we ended up doing divisions with the zone leaders so I wasn't even with my companion. We were able to find so many new investigators but not many are actually going to progress. We had 17 new investigators. Normally we have about 3 or 4! Our district leader was really happy to hear our numbers this week!
Sorry I wasn´t able to write last week I didn't have time to write a long letter. My companion is from Tamauiplas and his name is Elder Tristan. He is a pretty tall Elder and also pretty quiet. For those of you who know me really well know that I am a pretty quiet person. He is helping me out a lot because now I have to talk more cause he doesn't haha. Now the other Elders in our district say I talk to much haha! This Sunday we were able to get three investigators to come to church. The day before we went and visited them and we asked her how she was doing with the word of wisdom. She said she drinks like three cups of coffee a day. She told us we could take her coffee away when we left kind of jokingly... but when we left I saw the bag on the table, so I took it with us and dumped it in the bushes in the street haha! The next day she told her daughter to make her a cup of coffee and she couldn't find it and remembered we took it haha. Hopefully it will help her out a bit.
Today we went to a really nice 4 story mall in Oriental. We ate some Chinese food and looked at all the clothes they had that we couldn't even buy cause we are poor haha! It was a pretty fun P-Day. We
also had a family night with our convert Lucia. She hasn't come to church ever since her baptism. We told her to invite all her kids that were all grown up. They all actually came and we had a great time. We played a couple games and had a bunch of sandwiches! We also were able to receive 4 references and it was 4 new investigators. I think they liked it a lot too! Hopefully we can go and visit them now and teach them better. Overall it was a great week! Hope everyone else had a great one too!
Love Elder Ivie

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