Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 2 - September 12, 2015

Hola Everyone,
This week is going by a lot faster than last week. The first week was supposedly the hardest of them all. And it really was. The days were long and you had so much to do. Once Sunday came around things got a lot better. You kind of get put on a set schedule and the next few weeks are about the same. 

A normal day for us here at the MTC goes... Wake up around 6:30 and get ready for breakfast, After breakfast we go till class till 11:10 then we have gym. Directly after gym is lunch and then class until dinner at 5:30. Then we have more class until 9:30. We spend around 11 hours a day in the classroom learning Spanish. It has been coming along pretty good but I know in time it will make more sense to me. Some days we have TRC meetings were we go and teach a lesson to a investigator. We have taught about 4 lessons so far. They are pretty difficult because it is hard for me to understand what they are saying. Then when I do know what they are saying I don't know how to put the words that I want to say into Spanish. It is pretty frustrating.

Our District has been having way to much fun here. We are always doing riddles and things with our spare time. We get so frustrated because we can't figure out the riddles but its a blast. Yesterday we spent over an hour trying to figure out one Elders riddle (not a good way to spend personal study time haha) but we finally got it and felt retarded afterwards because of how easy it was. We also have been going outside during gym and I have been playing Spike Ball! It is my new favorite game! It is just like volleyball but a miniature version. There is a mini ball and a little tramp on the ground that you have to hit the ball onto it and pass it to your partner. It takes some time to get the hang of but it is so fun. Me and Elder Harley were unbeatable for a while until we challenged Elder Ainge the next day. That was a bad idea... he is way to good at sports.
Spike Ball
My other companion Elder Erickson is 23 and we always tease him. He is always twinkling his fingers after everything. He will pick up a cookie take a bite, set it down and twinkle his fingers. Pick up his glass, take a drink, set it down and twinkle his fingers! It is hilarious! We call him twinkfings haha! We also call him papa or something funny and then he just laughs! Its all just fun and games. 

Its been pretty interesting how all the mail works, and also very frustrating. My companion Elder Ainge has gotten 2-3 packages every single day, and 3-4 letters. Me... nothing. I know it is nothing to be worried about but it is nice to be able to hear from people outside of the MTC. One nice thing about the MTC if none of you already know is the Dear Elder website. You can get on the website and type an email to sent to your missionary, then when you send it, the MTC prints it off and sets it in my mailbox the same day. It is a really nice way to get mail and its nice so I don't have to read so many emails. If any of you want to that it would be greatly appreciated! My address is
 Elder Colton Alex Ivie
 2011 N 900 E unit 320 
Provo, Utah 84602

Hope to hear from some of you!
Love Elder Ivie

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