Friday, September 9, 2016

August 22, 2016 Break in

We had a pretty busy week this week! We had to open up an area. It was pretty difficult because the Elders that were there left the directions to the houses but the streets were not on the map! We had to call them like two times a day. They are going to send two Elders over here again they told us but we don't know when. This week we will also be having interviews with the President! I am pretty excited for them!
One day we went to a house where we contacted a couple people outside. They said we could pass by another day. We went back the day they said we could and her husband said she was sick. So we asked him if he was interested. We talked to him but it was outside. We started teaching the restoration and then some kids drove by on their bikes and stopped by to see what was going on. They started to listen and we put an appointment to visit with them the next week. Then the parents of the husband came out and listened to us and we were able to get 5 new investiagators right there in the street! It was a neat experience!
The church got broken into during the week! They cut through the chain link fence and went in through the window of the bishops office and overturned his desk and broke through the wood to find whatever they could. But there was nothing there. They broke through a couple other doors but nothing real bad. It is a pretty sketchy area I am in but we usually go home pretty early.
It was a good week all in all. We had 3 investiagators in the church and are pretty close to be getting baptized! Hope everyone else is doing great!
Love Elder Ivie

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