Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 15, 2016 Craziest Experience So Far

Sorry that I wasn't able to write the last week! We didn't have much time to write. I am now in an area called Los Olivos. It is in Chimalhuac√°n. I am also now the District Leader. The other areas in my District are Atlicpac and La Paz. Atlicpac was one of the areas that Nick had in his mission. It is pretty neat because I have met a couple people in my ward that knew him!
We had a crazy week! One of the craziest experiences so far on my mission I think. My companion and I put an appointment with a guy that said he had a group of guys that he wanted us to preach to. We passed by that day and he let us in the front door. When we entered he shut the door and put like 5 locks on the door. There were like 4 guys outside working. We shook hands with them all and walked into the house, it was a little room where they washed dishes and there were four guys in there. When we entered they shut the door and locked it again! I was starting to freak out a little bit. We entered into another room which was the kitchen and we met two other guys in there. When they shut the door... the same. They put a padlock on the door. Then there were some wooden doors and the guy took off the lock and opened it and told us Be careful!  When we walked in I saw a guy dressed in white kneeling down like he was worshiping us. The first thing I thought was I am going to get killed or abused or something bad! hahah We walked in and there were three rows of seats and guys sitting in them. They were all just waiting for us to come in and teach them. We said a prayer and taught them all. It went pretty well. It was a group of drug addicts. They were locked in because they are in rehab and can't leave. We passed around a paper so they could put their names on it for us to pray for them. When we got he paper back they had written their entire families and wanted us to pray that they were more united! It was an amazing experience. I don't know if we will go back or what. It was pretty uncomfortable.
We had two companionships in our ward, but our President decided to take one out and now we are in charge of the whole ward. It will be a pretty busy week for us! Right now is the carnival in our area and it is crazy! The rides that they have here are super cool! Too bad we cant get on them. They look so dangerous! It was a pretty good week all in all. I am excited to see how this week goes!
Right now we are headed to the church where I will be giving my first capacitation to the other Elders! Hope all goes well! Hope everyone had a great week!
Love Elder Ivie

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