Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28,2016

We had a pretty stressful week! On Saturday we had two baptisms, Marlen and Iris her daughter. We didn't announce her baptism in sacrament because we had to wait to have an interview so when the baptism came up nobody showed up! We had the water all ready and everything but nobody to help us. We had to run around trying to find people to help us with the baptisms or at least to be one of the witnesses. When our investigators showed up they brought one of their friends. It was a little girl that is like 13 years old. She is a really loud obnoxious girl and the members that were at the baptism kept yelling at her to be quiet and all this stuff and it was so stressful!! At the end of it all, things worked out and we were then able to confirm them members of the church on Sunday.

On Friday we went to the temple with some investigators that we have. The mom Sandra and her three kids, Humberto, Wendoli and Sandibel. We had an amazing time in the temple. They participated so much and learned a ton! They now have a goal of entering in the temple and being sealed as a family! We are going to be baptizing Humberto on the 9th of July and then he will be baptizing his family on the 30th of July! We had a lesson with them yesterday and they told us how much they appreciate everything we have done for them and how much we have changed their lives. They told us how they don't have many friends and that we are now part of their family! They are an amazing little bunch! Cant wait for the 9th to come up and then the 30th!
We just barely got out of a session in the temple and it was amazing! Now we are just getting ready to head back to our area! Hope everyone is having a great summer!
Love Elder Ivie

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