Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016 "Out of This World"

We had a pretty strange week here in the mission! On Thursday night we got a call from the Assistants and told my companion that he would be having Special Changes the next morning and he was devastated! We didn't have time at all to visit all the families that we were teaching or anything. He loved working up in our area. On Friday we had planned to have two baptisms and so we were able to talk to the President and he gave my companion permission to come back to my area for the baptisms that we had on Friday! I am now with two other Elders, in a trio! Elder Rodríguez and Elder Figueroa. Rodríguez is from Chiuahua and Figueroa is from Guadalajara.
The baptisms on Friday were incredible!

Humberto was able to baptize his own mom and his sister! First was his mom and when he tried to dunk her under the water she freaked out! So we had his sister go first and it went perfect. Next his mom went and this time it went perfect and when she came out of the water she gave her son the biggest hug and they both were they crying and hugging each other! It was one of the neatest moments in the mission so far! The feeling we all had was something out of this world!

On Saturday we went to the Temple... the day after the baptism of Sandra and Wendolyne. We went there in a van with the Ward and my companion Elder Figueroa sat up front with the driver and when we got there we invited him to come in with us and he had a blast! What we did there is we watched the movie of meet the mormons! It was a great trip!

It is pretty weird to work with three people now. I am so use to working with just two people but it is pretty neat also. I will be having changes on the 2nd of August. I wont know where I am going until we go to the changes.
I hope everyone else had a great week!

Love Elder Ivie

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