Friday, April 29, 2016

April 11, 2016

This week was not a normal week for us. We were hardly ever in our area because of some things we had to do. On Monday we had to go to the offices to bring the packages back to our area and my companion went to sing to Hermana Stutznegger for her Birthday. We got back pretty late and then Tuesday we had our p-day and went to the Temple. On Wednesday we went to the offices again and went with President Stutznegger to the airport to try and meet up with my companions cousin that was going to enter the MTC. I think we got there just as he left because we waited for like an hour and he never showed up. We went to eat Carl's Jr and then came back to our area to work. Sunday was a great success! We had 7 less active members and 4 of our investigators! One of which will be having her baptism on Saturday and another the following! Sundays are always fun in the mission to see how well you are doing.
Pretty funny story, one day we were eating at a members house and she had some habanero salsa. (Habanero is the hottest chile in mexico). We were putting it on the food and it was pretty spicy. One of the elders was joking around and took a big spoon full of it and gave it to me and was like eat it! So... I took it and ate the whole thing. He just looked at me like I was crazy! Habanero is like the best tasting chile that there is. Even though it is spicy it tastes good so it makes up for the spiciness. I then took the jar that was full of the habanero, onions, and lemon juice and told him to drink it! He took the jar and drank the whole thing! I got it on video too but it takes too long to download. He was dying! We got a text from him at night and told us he was in the bathroom all night! Pretty funny but it was super good! We are planning for a pretty good week this week! Hope everyone else does too!
Love Elder Ivie

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